This article was written by Andrew Wagner, the founder of www.blockchaingaming.com

It’s been a while since we gave an update on the Blockchain Gaming Investment Fund. When last we posted, it was doing very well, and followers were possibly wondering if something had gone wrong. The truth, however, is anything but; below, you can see a chart of what would have happened to your money if you gave us around $500 several months ago:

Our fund held strong through the recent Elon Musk-induced cryptocurrency crash, as well, remaining basically unchanged in value. Most of our coins did fall some—our HIVE, CHI and WAX bags are hurting—but MATIC has done so extraordinarily well as to counteract all of those losses. It seems that games are not the only apps using Polygon, as it has quickly become the layer 2 for Ethereum.

The real reason we have been silent is because we have been in lots of talks with new partners. We are getting formally registered as a hedge fund in Singapore with the backing of Leonie Hill Capital, which means that investment will soon(ish) be open to members of the public, starting with accredited investors. This means we don’t have to worry about getting in trouble anymore.

It also means we are about to have a lot more capital to play with. Just with the amount we have from our success with our own money, we are becoming major landholders in games like HashKings and Ember Sword, as well as liquidity providers for others. After talking to the founders of some of the projects we support, we have decided the time is finally right to announce the Blockchain Gaming Accelerator.

What It Is

The Blockchain Gaming Accelerator is a symbiotic project that invests in and supports promising blockchain games and gaming platforms. Our goal is to use our website and its Fund to help foster a community; our Fund’s goal is still to maximize ROI, however, so potential members of the Accelerator must show not only creative but also economic potential. It’s therefore something that crypto investors should watch.

Our first member is already known to our community. Orbiter 8 has been featured on our homepage for a while, and is notable for its commitment to full decentralization. This is quite the scalability challenge on Ethereum, but we think they will pull it off.

The new entrant to our community will be a bit more of a surprise. Ruletka is a Russian roulette-themed token where every transaction has a 1/6 chance of burning the coins, instead, making it highly deflationary. The artwork and “storyline” are also hilarious. The games using it so far are gambling-oriented, but games requiring more skill and with more advanced gameplay are planned for the future.

What it Does

That’s of course the question founders of blockchain gaming projects who read this are wondering. Anyone can call themselves an accelerator and tell CEOs to join them, but without any real incentives, all that does is serve the founder’s ego. We aim to support members of the Accelerator in a variety of ways:

  • We invest and HODL. This can be with cryptocurrency or NFTs, and could be a substantial fraction of the supply for small-cap coins. We will not sell at least until your total market cap reaches the target we think it is worth.
  • We add liquidity to facilitate larger trade volume. We just need to come up with strategies to limit impermanent loss on decentralized exchanges that use liquidity pools.
  • We provide networking connections. Everybody says this, of course, but our founders have been well-known members of the crypto community since 2013. Some conferences we even run ourselves, which means random speaking opportunities here and there.
  • We help with marketing. I first wrote about blockchain gaming for the famous Bitcoin Magazine back in 2014. Now we have our own community on various social media channels, as well as a website hosting promotional pages and this blog.
  • We plan to start helping to provide block data. Our first step in this will probably be using the Polygon node we plan to launch. We are already delegating a substantial amount, and are now acquiring a dedicated server to become a Validator.

In return, we just want members of the Accelerator to participate in our community as much as possible. You could add your Medium articles to our publication, put a piece of new content on our blog or YouTube channel, post to our forum and social media channels, or work on a contest or giveaway. Perhaps the biggest requirement right now is that if you have a browser-based game, we want to add it to our website, but it need not be there exclusively. Think like Kongregate, for example.

What we provide and what we expect may continue to change as blockchaingaming.com evolves, however. There are still a lot more exciting surprises in store, and we can’t wait to tell you about them.