BlockRaiders – Ember Sword

Written by Aizzaku

April 25, 2021

BlockRaiders is the official guild that represents in multiple games across the blockchain multiverse.

The idea is to recruit enthusiastic, dedicated and serious gamers to join the ranks. This industry is built on the backbone of gamers, and thus we believe it’s important to invest not only into projects but also into players, boosting engagement with the blockchain gaming community. This led us to the idea of forming a guild with communally-owned items that can share in revenue from group investments and play-to-earn activities.

Unlike the conventional gaming industry, blockchain gaming has immense interoperability potential for in-game assets. An example would be the famous Binance hoodie, a single blockchain item that spans over 3 completely different games. It similarly makes sense to build a single gaming guild that spans over multiple games and even blockchains. Gamers can use and/or smoothly port assets (cosmetics, utility items, etc.) within the whole ecosystem smoothly along with trading the same with fellow guild members.

BlockRaiders – Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a cross-platform player-centric free-to-play fantasy MMORPG. Read more in detail about the game here (overview). is proud to introduce its initiative of BlockRaiders starting with Ember Sword.

The guild will be operated in all four nations: Solarwood, Ediseau, Duskeron, Sevrend. They will have their own Guild Master and members and will function independently.


Guild structure

  • 1 x Guild Master
    • Guild management
    • Will be included in blockchain hall of fame
  • 3 x Raid Leaders
    • Raid management (PvP and PvE)
    • Appointed by the Guild Master
    • Complete access to resources
  • 1 x Champion
    • Special title for the highest contributor of the month
    • Will be included in blockchain hall of fame
    • Guild Master excluded from being Champion
    • Special access to guild resources
  • 1 x Jack of all trades
    • Special title for the highest overall level in skills (every month)
    • Special access to guild resources
  • n x Raiders
    • Promoted from recruit by Raid Leaders and Guild Master
    • Status for active players
    • Limited access to resources
  • n x Recruit
    • Newbies looking to join the guild
All the above is subject to change which highly depends on the functionality of the game itself.

More information will follow over time.

Join our discord for discussion.

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