Recently we announced the launch of a Blockchain Gaming Accelerator, which is designed to help promising blockchain games and platforms achieve critical mass. Now we are excited to announce that we already have a new member, HashKings. Read on to learn about the game and also some very exciting news for play-to-earn fans.

The Game

HashKings is an idle cannabis farming game for the blockchain era, drawing on founder Daniel Pittman’s experience with the Canna-Curate community. It is likewise community-operated and uses the Hive blockchain, the true successor to Steem with a huge line-up of dapps. Featuring in-game cryptocurrency and NFTs which can be freely exchanged, it presents an exciting new play-to-earn / human mining opportunity, playable on blockchaingaming.com.

The various fungible and non-fungible tokens in HashKings balance each other out in price and supply. You need to farm BUDS to earn the MOTA currency; MOTA is then used to get water (ticker: HKWATER) and non-fungible seeds; water and seeds are needed to grow more BUDS. You can also craft joints and boosters and level up your avatar. The game is currently in beta, with many more features on the way.

The game is played using Keychain, a browser extension similar to MetaMask that functions as the most popular wallet. Read here to learn how to create a Hive account, and here to learn how to set up your Keychain wallet. HashKings’ Discord (see the pinned messages) is the best source of game tutorial information..

The Program

The HashKings Scholarship Program by Blockchain Gaming gives new players almost everything they need to get started. You will join us as inexperienced young farmers, perhaps new to the Hive blockchain, and leave as veterans of the virtual cannabis industry. All we ask is that you participate earnestly in the community and play the game.

Most programs of this nature provide mentorship and guidance, and we do that, as well. However, the real excitement for play-to-earn fans will be the resources we provide, which should reduce or even completely eliminate the startup costs for smaller scale farmers. This may include:

  • Land to farm on. You won’t get to keep it, but it will save you from having to pay rent to a landlord until you can afford to buy your own plot.
  • Some free seeds. It won’t be too many, but once you have some, you’ll be able to grow BUDS and eventually make more seeds of your own.
  • A daily allowance of water. Just enough to keep your crypto cannabis farm functional in case you’re unable to acquire your own.


Participation in our Blockchain Gaming community will occur on all of the social media channels listed on our website’s homepage; members should join all groups/channels and help retweet announcements. Most strategic coordination will occur on our Discord server in the HashKings channel. In the first week, we will add as many players as we can, who must be new to the game and starting from the lowest level.

Every week thereafter, at least one person will be removed from the Scholarship Program. This will be the player(s) with the lowest level (not EXP); if players tie for the lowest level, it is decided by whomever has the least water towers. It might sound harsh, but if you haven’t been leveling up, you’ve probably been either:

  1. Dumping your game assets on the market, and have already made a profit
  2. Buying your own land, in which case you don’t need rent-free land anymore

Once only one person remains, the semester will end. The first semester begins as of the time of this article’s posting, but unfortunately we cannot begin providing free land until development of rent functionality is complete. There’s some pretty cheap land for sale right now, though. Please reach out through our social media channels if you are interested in participating; we look forward to farming cannabis on the blockchain together!