Things have been moving really fast with our Blockchain Gaming Accelerator, so our apologies for all the links. Our debut into the Hive community proved extremely popular, securing many cool partnerships such as with Original Content Decentralized. HashKings was the first Hive game to join the Accelerator program, and the results have been demonstrably good according to data from the Hive Engine exchange (search tokens: BUDS, MOTA, HKWATER). A brief hiccup was caused partially by a beneficial hard fork coming in a few days.

Rising Star

The latest news is that Rising Star is joining the Accelerator. For those who are unaware, Rising Star is one of the most popular new games on the Hive blockchain, beloved for its style and cheeky humor. As described on our wiki:

“[Rising Star] was built by Atom Collector Records—a project which rewards cryptocurrency for listening to new music—and is meant to accomplish the same goal of spreading awareness of new artists. Players simulate the career of a musician starting from a “lowly busker” and eventually rising to fame; they can complete missions to earn a cryptocurrency called STARBITS, which is needed to acquire in-game NFTs. These may increase the player’s skills or be necessary for certain functions,[1] and can also be purchased on the WAX platform.[2]”

We have already begun pumping volume into STARBITS as well as their new token called STARPRO. The latter is having many uses for it designed into the game and is not inflationary like its predecessor, which effectively is minted whenever players earn it through missions. Our Blockchain Gaming Investment Fund therefore hopes to accumulate STARPRO; currently, however, that is cheaper to do by buying BITS and using it to promote missions, which rewards PRO tokens that are newly minted at a flat rate.

Future Plans

There is plenty more exciting news yet to come. Some tidbits closest on the horizon:

  • Since the upcoming hard fork allows Hive users to delegate Resource Credits without also losing Mana/rewards, we will begin paying transaction fees for students in the Scholarship Program
  • We will launch a Scholarship Program for Rising Star similar to the one for HashKings
  • As with HashKings and other browser games in the Accelerator program, we are working to make Rising Star playable on www.blockchaingaming.com